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Our in-home sleep test package comes complete with a disposable, WatchPat One home testing device, a telemedicine appointment with a board-certified sleep specialist, and ongoing support throughout your journey to better sleep.  Everything is achieved from the comfort of your own home. The new WatchPat One, the first and only accurate and reliable FDA approved disposable and home sleep test, calculates 7 measurements of sleep quality including:

  • Oximetry - measures the oxygen levels in the blood
  • Heart rate - indicates the number of heart beats per minute
  • Body position - which indicates whether you are sleeping on your back, front or side and how it impacts apneas
  • Actigraphy – measures movement during sleep
  • Snoring volume – measures the decibel levels of your snoring
  • Chest Motion – distinguishes if you suffering from Central Sleep Apnea vs Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Peripheral Arterial Tone – monitors a special physiological signal that mirrors changes in the autonomic nervous system caused by respiratory symptoms

The WatchPat One is extremely easy to use and much more comfortable than standard home sleep test devices.  Once you purchase your home sleep test package and complete your telemedicine appointment with a board-certified sleep specialists, your WatchPat One will be shipped to you.  You simply download the WatchPat One app on your phone or tablet. It works with any iPhone with iOS 10 or above and any SmartPhone or Tablet that uses Android 5.1 or above.  Your home sleep test only needs to be worn for one night and the data is sent directly to the interpreting physician.  If the physicians determines you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a prescription for CPAP therapy will be provided.  Don’t worry, a member of our clinical team will review your results with you and answer any questions you may have.

Please note, Home Sleep Tests to do not qualify for expedited shipping during checkout.  Upon completion of your telemedicine appointment, your home sleep test device will be shipped via 2-day delivery.

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The Journey To A Life Rested



Purchase your home sleep test online.

Upon completing your purchase you will receive an email outlining next steps which includes scheduling a call with a member of the LifeRested team. During this call we will walk through the process and schedule your telemedicine appointment through DocViaWeb, our online telemedicine portal.

Need more information or have questions? Let’s talk. Call us at 888.881.3991 or schedule an introductory call to learn more.


Attend your online telemedicine appointment.

Your appointment can be done anywhere, how convenient! During your appointment, your licensed sleep specialist will discuss your medical history and learn more about your sleep patterns and challenges. If your sleep specialist doesn’t feel a home sleep test is right for you, we will issue you a refund for your purchase. No risk, all reward.


Physician signs off and we mail you the test.

After learning more about your sleep issues, your licensed sleep specialist will issue a prescription for your home sleep test and it will be on its way! You will download the WatchPat One app, which works on any SmartPhone or tablet that uses Android 5.1 or newer and any iPhone using iOS 10 or higher.  You’ll take the sleep for test just one night in the comfort of your own home. No need to return the sleep test device to us.  The data from your sleep test will automatically be transmitted to the interpreting physician.  If your home sleep test indicates that you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a prescription for CPAP therapy will be provided by your board-certified sleep specialist.


Review results with a member of the LifeRested clinical team.

We will email you as soon as your test results are in! On a conveniently scheduled call, one of our or clinicians will walk you through your test results, answer any questions, and guide you through the process of choosing the best CPAP therapy for your lifestyle and sleep patterns.

What’s Included?

The LifeRested HST Program includes:

  • Telemedicine appointment with a board certified sleep specialist
  • WatchPat One disposable home sleep test device
  • A prescription for your sleep test and CPAP therapy if needed
  • Convenient, clear communication
  • A therapy plan that works for you
  • Compassionate and expert advice anytime you need us

What You Don’t Get:

  • Uncomfortable nights at a sleep lab with electrodes on your head
  • Medical jargon that is hard to understand
  • Battling the red tape and confusion with insurance
  • Walking through this journey alone

Let’s Get Started!

Talk to Us

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Ready to live a rested life?

Purchase your home sleep test.

Benefits - The Benefits of At-Home Sleep Testing


In-lab sleep tests are downright uncomfortable! Many people find it difficult to sleep in new places, let alone covered in electrodes. Our home sleep test allows you to be tested in the comfort of your own bed. Your routine is not interrupted so we can capture results from a typical night’s sleep.


No need to drive across town, miss work or hassle with your insurance company. With LifeRested your HST device is delivered right to your door with complete instructions and a toll-free technical support line 24/7. You will take your sleep test for only one night.  After uploading your sleep data, you can simply dispose of your testing device.  No need to return it to us.


Today, patients are responsible for the cost of their healthcare more than ever before. Whether it's your portion as a co-pay or the full amount, many patients are searching for a more cost-effective solution. Our home sleep test is just a small fraction of the cost of in in-lab study.


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